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Created on 2009-04-12 17:35:14 (#47552), last updated 2014-08-13 (166 weeks ago)

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Name:Natural Dyes
Website:Livejournal Community
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Natural dyeing with plant, animal, and mineral dyes.
This community is intended for discussion of natural dye techniques. Natural dyes come from plant (e.g. onion skins, indigo, madder, lichens), animal (e.g. cochineal, murex), or mineral (e.g. ochre) sources. Analine dyes, which come from chemistry labs, should be discussed elsewhere. Feel free to ask questions about natural dyes and the history of dyeing, post about surprising new dye plants you've found, share pictures of projects, etc.

This is NOT strictly an historical dye community, so please don't feel limited to discussing only those dyes used historically -- avocado skins, eucalyptus, and that unidentifiable weed you found in your backyard are all fair game.

Moderator: [personal profile] weaverbird

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alum, ammonia, baking soda, boiling, botany, chemistry, chrome, cloth, cochineal, copper, costuming, cotton, crocheting, dye vats, dyeing, dyepots, dyers, dyers gardens, embroidery, experimenting, fabric, fermentation, fiber arts, floss, foraging, gardens, historical dyes, history, indigo, iron, kermes, knitting, lac, lichens, linen, madder, minerals, mordants, murex, mushrooms, natural dyes, natural history, notebooks, orchil, ph, plant dyes, plants, saffron, sheep, silk, steeping, sun dyeing, sun dying, tannic acid, tie-dye, tin, weaving, woad, wool, yarn
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