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Still need to pick up a strainer so I can extract cochineal, but in the meantime I used isopropyl alcohol to extract dye from alkanet, and played more with my indigo vat (of course).

100% wool yarn and 8mm habotai silk scarf dyed with alkanet. The scarf was dyed in the second extraction. The dye bath is nowhere NEAR exhausted, so has been reserved for further fun. Some sources I'd read said alkanet is a greyish-purple color, I'm guessing they tried extracting dye from alkanet via boiling or something instead of using alcohol.

Indigo and Alkanet
Once the scarf was totally dry, I twisted it and gave it one pass through the indigo vat. The effect is too subtle to get a good pic of it, especially when my bright sunshine went away, but it's really lovely.

Silk Scarf, dyed with indigo
8mm habotai silk scarf, three passes through the indigo vat. I held it by the middle and let the ends trail in the vat to 1) reduce the amount of oxygen introduced into the vat by dripping and 2) get the lovely effect of darkening towards the ends.

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Date: 2009-07-13 11:34 pm (UTC)
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Everclear is freaking expensive, though. :/

It was really interesting trying alkanet (it makes very pretty colors), but I think I'm generally going to stick with the more lightfast dyes for actual projects ("just redye it" doesn't work so well for embroidery). We got great results with weld this weekend, too, via a somewhat peculiar recipe. I'll make a post with pictures soon.

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